My name is Olamide Egbayelo and love to call myself WorldFamous Lammy! Do check out my Hire Me page for more information about my skills and how I can be of value to you, but before then:

    1. I love life and food (but I now eat little).
    2. I am an “extroverted-introvert”.
    3. I work around and talk about Digital Media, Brand Communications (especially for SMEs and Non-Profits), Digital Security and Internet Freedoms.
    4. I enjoy creating strategies for brands and services in Digital Media, Mobile Marketing, and Brand Communication.
    5. My new found hobbies are reading and writing
    6. I hold a BSc. in Computer science, Diploma in Social Media Marketing, Diploma in Integrated Brand Experience and a Certificate in Strategic Brand Building
    7. I have I worked in the tech, religious, PR & communications and Non-profit sectors (Find out more about my work experiences here)
    8. I currently manage Hexal Place, Hexal SMS and building a platform for SMEs (ssshhh! details later)
    9. I want to learn how to swim and ride a bicycle (Holla, if you can teach me)

Above all, Christ in me is the Hope of Glory!

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