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I’m Olamide Egbayelo, an experienced and data-driven marketing professional specializing in social media, content, digital, and integrated marketing. With over 10 years of expertise in these fields, I bring a strategic and innovative approach to driving brand awareness and optimizing product performance.Throughout my career, I have successfully developed and managed end-to-end marketing and business development processes for various brands. My leadership skills have allowed me to lead teams and implement measurable changes that enhance efficiency and customer satisfaction.

I have an impressive track record of managing over 50 social media accounts and campaigns for clients across Africa, Europe, and North America. Additionally, I have trained more than 250 non-profit organizations on social media advocacy, over 160 youths on leveraging social media for business, and more than 100 digital creatives on monetizing their freelancing skills.

I have had the privilege of working with and providing consultation and advice to small businesses, multinationals, international nonprofits, corporations, and government agencies on harnessing the power of social media creatively.

To share my expertise, I curate digital marketing teachings, cover tech events, document my travels, and conduct insightful interviews with industry experts. My YouTube channel, Yelo Digital Hub, has garnered a growing audience of approximately 200,000 viewers and 2,500 subscribers.

Based on Ms Egbayelo’s work with the EU EOM, I believe she would be well able to apply her skills and abilities to other positions. The work of an observation mission is very intense, with a small team working under often severe time pressures. This requires a good sense of team spirit and ability to prioritize one’s work Ms Olamide Egbayelo was a valued member of our team and made an excellent contribution to our work.”

Marek Mracka

, Media Analyst, European Union Observation Mission

Olamide joined a team of broadcasters as the digital media manager for a development radio project, and within weeks of her engagement, the social media platforms and activities of the project shot up so significantly that a research we conducted subsequent reflected it She’s a worthwhile investment that our company has no regrets working with. I will recommend her without a flicker of doubt

Ayo Makinde

CEO, Goldapples Media, Nigeria

In the past 10 years of owning CRC, I’ve had 4 social media creation contractors, and Lammy is the best by far. She is organized, strives to learn my business so she can create content that is appropriate, offers value to readers and is creative in imaging.”

Diana Candelaria Reyes

Founder, Candelaria Reyes Consulting, LLC, USA

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