WhatsApp’s intimate nature does not leave room for casual or careless communication practices. You can risk turning your prospects or even worse your current customers off if you do not respect their privacy. This is where your content schedule can help you out. Space out your content so your audience is not overwhelmed. You should always ask for feedback, responses can help you improve on whatever you are currently doing.

Some ethics and professional tips you should know about

  1. Do not SPAM contacts, limit marketing materials to 5-8 a day for status updates
  2. Direct messaging should be for customer support only.
  3. Broadcasts should be once a week ideally, twice at most.
  4. Group members and numbers of your broadcast lists should have the liberty to opt-out of your marketing list at any time.


Why Your Friends May Not Be Your Customer

When you eventually start your marketing efforts. Your friends, family and colleagues will most likely be the first to come across them. They may not patronize you even after you have put in the effort. This is because they are mostly not your target customers, you would not want them to be your only clients anyway. In spite of this, they can be your second-hand campaigners. This is why you should always encourage them to share with their contacts and circles, that is how your content gets to your eventual paying customers.