Embarking on the Marketing Research module during my Masters in Strategic and Digital Marketing, under the guidance of Dr. Jackie Harris, was an enlightening yet formidable experience. This module focused on conducting secondary academic research as a post-graduate student, with a communications research assessment for the Chepstow Town Council. It pushed my boundaries and equipped me with invaluable research skills and insights.

This is the fourth part of my MSC Strategic and Digital Marketing Experience Series, where I share insights from my post-graduate program at the University of South Wales. ​​The past and subsequent parts of this series can be found HERE

Integrated Marketing Communications: My Strategic and Digital Marketing Master’s TakeAway

Embracing the Challenges of Secondary Research

As an international student, the concept of conducting academic research was new to me. I didn’t feel particularly excited about working on a communications research assessment for a government organization like the Chepstow Town Council. However, as I dove deeper into the project, I gained a profound appreciation for the module and its potential impact on the town’s overall development.

Overcoming Hurdles and Embracing Feedback

The research methodology aspect of the module and assessment proved to be the most challenging hurdle, leaving me feeling anxious and uncertain. Fortunately, Dr. Harris’s invaluable feedback provided much-needed guidance and motivation. Although I yearned for a more simplified approach tailored to beginners, the rigorous nature of the course ultimately proved to be a catalyst for growth.

The Value of Effective Secondary Research

Completing the course and understanding the importance of effective secondary research in marketing was a pivotal moment in my academic journey. This realization fueled my determination to hone my skills and excel in subsequent modules and academic endeavors, including my dissertation.

Key Takeaways and Areas for Improvement

Reflecting on the challenges faced and the feedback received, I identified areas for improvement:

  •  Enhancing research, academic writing, and reference-sourcing skills
  • Actively seeking clarification when needed
  • Proactively improving research methodology abilities

A Journey of Continuous Learning

Despite the challenges, the Marketing Research module left an indelible mark on my learning journey, instilling a strong motivation for continuous improvement. I committed to applying the lessons learned to future academic projects and beyond, and the results were quite amazing.

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Strategies for Future Success

In conclusion, the marketing research module was a transformative experience, equipping me with essential skills and insights that will undoubtedly benefit me throughout my academic and professional career. I am grateful for the opportunity to learn from Dr. Jackie Harris and look forward to applying my newfound knowledge to make a positive impact in the world of marketing.