Sustainable Marketing: Did you know the average online ad campaign generates 5.4 tonnes of CO2 emissions, equivalent to driving 13,000 miles? 


I had a fantastic time at the City of Newport Business Club meeting in May, which featured sustainable marketing expert Gemma Butler. I thought I would share some of the key takeaways that resonated with me.

My Key Takeaways:
  • Employees are Key: Sustainable practices can’t just be a marketing ploy. Gemma emphasized that your employees are your greatest sustainability asset. Engaging them with internal communications, clear roles, and accountability for sustainability KPIs is important.
  • Sustainability is Investment: Climate risk is a real financial threat. Just like we strive for a sustainable business, our marketing must also be sustainable. Data can prove the value of sustainable marketing, but it’s the powerful stories that genuinely move people. (Check out Gemma’s podcast “Can Marketing Save the Planet?”)
  • Transparency is Paramount: Consumers are demanding authenticity. Businesses must be transparent about their sustainability efforts and avoid greenwashing.
  • The Digital Footprint is Huge: Did you know the digital world has a bigger environmental impact than aviation? Our online activities, from searches to social media, all contribute to a massive digital footprint. The majority of this footprint is wasted energy.
  • Shifting Channels for Good: Unique alternatives exist for businesses looking to impact online positively. Gemma highlighted some great options, such as Ecosia, Good-Loop, and GoodNet (eco-friendly web hosting).
  • A Force for Good: Marketing can be a global force for good. We can all contribute to a more sustainable future by making responsible choices about channels and messaging.

It was also an amazing opportunity to catch up with my USW family: Dr Jackie Harris, Jon Hughes, Alexandra Hollyman and Lavanga Swarnasinghe. Seeing the respected Robin Hall again after a long time was lovely.

Thanks to Gemma Butler for her insightful presentation and the esteemed Professor Jonathan Deacon PhD for the invitation.

Photo credit: 📷 Ian Hall

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