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Unboxing My Kindle PaperWhite And First Impressions

It was my birthday about 2 weeks ago and I got a kindle paperwhite as a gift. I used to love reading literature books and novels when I was in high school, I ensured my mum bought them for me. No thanks to social media, it has become extremely difficult to keep my passion for books alive because I get easily distracted by social media and all sort of pop-ups.

So, earlier in the year, I made up my mind to get a Kindle to help me keep my love for books alive, so excited to have gotten it as a birthday gift and it is also a great honour to unbox the 10th generation of my Kindle paperwhite with you in the video below.

What Is A Kindle?

The Amazon Kindle is a series of e-readers designed and marketed by Amazon. Amazon Kindle devices enable users to browse, buy, download, and read e-books, newspapers, magazines and other digital media via wireless networking to the Kindle Store.

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Want to improve on your reading habit and passion for books? Click HERE to get yourself the 10th Generation of the Kindle Paperwhite 


Why Buy A Kindle? Because It’s Sleek!

The Amazon Kindle may not be the perfect reading device, but then, what is? However, I personally feel the advantages of owning one far outweigh the disadvantages. of not owning one

For the majority of people, a Kindle offers the ideal way to read ebooks. They’re easy to use, have a low physical footprint, boast a long battery life, and a large storage capacity. And they’re pretty affordable too.


  • 6′ touchscreen
  • Waterproof
  • Built-in light
  • Wi-Fi
  • 32gb memory size
  • USB Charging cable Rechargeable battery
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2020: Top 3 Freelancing Platforms You Should Be On

Since the start of the Corona Virus Pandemic across the world, not only has there been an increase in job loss, there has also been an increase in webinars and training on how to take advantage of this period and prepare for the post-COVID-19 era. I hosted two online training classes as well.

There are 100s of freelancing platforms where you can offer your skills as a service to thousands of brands, agencies and corporate organizations and get paid as a part-time or full-time freelancer. So what platforms can you monetize your skills on as a freelancer? In this video, I shared the top freelancing websites you can monetize your skills on either as a side hustle or for full time.

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Freelancing is not easy but with dedication and consistency, you will make it on these top 20 platforms but I will be focusing on the top 3 that are easy to use and navigate. You can also start earning from them ASAP

  1. FIVERR: Freelancers can showcase finished projects to the public so potential clients can easily pick someone whose creation sparks their interest. It’s an alternative that removes the need to contact workers one by one. What is more, Fiverr offers you free learning courses to develop your skills and teach you how to pitch to clients.
  2. UPWORK: Upwork offers tools to kickstart your freelance journey – collaborative space, built-in invoice maker, and transparent recruitment process. You might also be able to work for many famous clients such as GoogleAirbnb, , etc. Anyone who is looking for flexibility in their jobs should definitely check this freelance website.
  3. FREELANCER – This freelance website is the largest crowdsourcing marketplace with 32 million registered users. To match that number, there are of thousands of jobs that you can opt as a freelance worker. You can register here for free and with hundreds of vacancies posted every day.
These are other freelancing platforms you can check out too:
  1. Fiverr
  2. Upwork
  4. Envato Studio
  5. PeoplePerHour
  6. Toptal
  8. DesignCrowd
  9. Nexxt
  10. DesignContest
  11. TaskRabbit
  12. crowdSPRING
  13. Hireable
  14. WriterAccess
  15. 99Designs
  16. Catalant
  17. Bark
  18. DesignHill
  19. Skyword
  20. Gigster

In my next video/blog, I will be sharing the top 10 skills that are in high demand on freelancing platforms

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EBOOK: How To Market Your Business On WhatsApp

In Nigeria, 7 out of 10 people with mobile phones have WhatsApp installed. WhatsApp has over 1.3 billion monthly users and 1 billion active daily users across the globe. Small businesses with little or no marketing budget who look to social media as their marketing haven now have to contend with larger businesses and this is where the value of WhatsApp comes in.

WhatsApp has become a go-to channel for smart businesses, but it is still widely untapped as a marketing solution compared to other platforms. The major reason for this is that most people do not appreciate its value or do not know how to go about using it. 

I am excited to announce the release of the ebook I co-authored titled ‘How To Market Your Business On WhatsApp’ published by our SME focused platform, SMEStoriesNG. This eBook is the first of many series we will be publishing to help entrepreneurs with small businesses through their entrepreneurial journey with marketing, finance, research and other useful resource tools.

In this ebook, you will learn: 

  1. How to build a comprehensive client list you didn’t even know you had access to.
  2. How to convert members of WhatsApp and Facebook groups into potential customers.
  3. How to create eye-catching content that sells
  4. Practical marketing examples and case studies and any more useful and insightful WhatsApp and marketing related topics.

To get a copy for yourself, for just N1500,  please visit or

I will also be sharing daily blog posts and video snippets on the book and also be giving you reasons to get your copies over the next 9 days. So join me every day at 12 noon


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TakeAways From The Film Production Workshop With Mayowa Oluyeba

How often do you read newsletters? I am starting this article by imploring you to cultivate the habit of reading through newsletters, if not thoroughly, make out time to scan through them. For Gmail users, Google has made the system smart enough to help you separate and categorize the emails appropriately.

On Friday, November 22 2019, I received a newsletter from  She Leads Africa, like they always send their very catchy and interactive newsletters, but this was different, the headline caught my attention ”?Check out this free Film Production Workshop, Olamide”,  organized by Capital Square. I have always been interested in film production, cinematography and understanding how the industry works. I also recently had a short film idea, this was a good opportunity to be part of something I have always been interested in. On reading through the newsletter, I saw the name MAYOWA OLUYEBA as the trainer, and it rang a bell, it sounded really familiar, I know this name, I see it on TV, Yes, the series producer of one Africa Magic / MNET’s top TV series, Battleground, which I recently finished binge-watching on Showmax. I was super excited and immediately sent my expression of interest application and eagerly looked forward to learning from the famous Mayowa Oluyeba.

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I also couldn’t contain my excitement when I got the email from Capital Square, confirming my participation at the Total Film Production with Mayowa Oluyeba.  I thought to myself, this is a really superb way of starting out the year. I began to countdown to the weekend of January 11 and 12, I also cleared my schedule for this. Listening and learning from the feet of Mayowa Oluyeba for 18 hours over the weekend was something to be excited about and anticipate for.

The D-day arrived and all roads led to the Capital Square in Lekki, although, the session was billed to start at 9 am but Lagos happened. The waiting period was an opportunity to network and meet with other participants and also to be in awe of the famous MO, as he is fondly called. The session eventually started with us introducing ourselves and then to the question we have all been waiting to get an answer to. Who is Mayowa Oluyeba?

Mayowa Oluyeba is so many things, but he was kind enough to categorize all he is and does into the following: Non-linear editor, camera operator, producer, broadcast media engineer and many more. You know what they say about people identifying with success right? It was fascinating to hear MO speak of his transition into the media and production space from leaving his banking job to being a crisis photographer to a modelling agent to cameraman to training to be a director and ending up being a producer and now among many other things being Series Producer to 2 of the best TV shows to ever come out of Nigeria and Africa till date, Battleground and Brethren.


I will try to highlight my takeaways from the 2-day session with Mayowa Oluyeba, I thought to do this to help people who didn’t get the opportunity to attend to have a feel and take notes from my experience and also for me to always have something to get back to each time there is a need for it. I had absolute fun discussing the thought process, characters and all the work on the production of Battleground with him too

Just before sharing from my notes, below are topics MO touched on at different points

  • Content that sells
  • Building your pitch
  • Budgeting and funding
  • Total production management – pre to post
  • Day to day actor management 
  • Delivery and strike down


    • If you are passionate about what you do, you will find out that it will align with purpose
    • Cultivate the act of letting people know you for one thing
    • MO defined content as any idea you breathe LIFE into that has the capacity to attract and engage and audience.
    • If you distribute a good idea, the money will drop
    • So what kind of content can you create? – Well, you can create content for marketing purpose and content that adds value
    • There was a little debate on creating content that sells, a few participants agreed that there are content that sells and others were of the opinion that some content can not be sold. The shocker? MO told us categorically that “ALL CONTENT CAN BE SOLD”. You heard that right! Question is how are you packaging and delivering your content?


  • Every idea must go through a process: The Story Development Process


    • The story ideation process where writers stay in a secluded place to brainstorm and bring out the myths in a story 
    • You must identify your myth as the owner of the content. E.g JENIFA
  • We also talked about the Elements Of A Pitch. During this session, MO encouraged us to invest in real estate for films as the industry currently lack locations for movie sets. He also told us to always make sure your story is not tied to any face. Always let the story sell itself. In building your pitch, you need to have the following in place:
    • The Look and Feel which includes: Pictures (visual approach), Art department and Actors
  • We spent a lot of time discussing the importance of the story workshop and the categories of creatives involved: The Head writer, Story editor, Screen editor/script editor, Researcher, Producer and other people the producer sees fits
  • We also learnt about the employment process in the movie/series making industry and the hierarchy starting from the Executive Producer, Producer, lines producer directors, crew members down to the actors.
  • MO also emphasized the importance of CONTRACTS, make sure the contracts don’t just protect you but the project
  • MO walked us through a detailed and standard budget building template.

Day one was very loaded and we talked about a lot of things I didn’t put down in my notes, a lot of emphases was Actor management on set and the ability to be able to think on your feet and on the go as a producer/filmmaker.



Day 2 was more of a mentorship session, we also had the opportunity to ask questions about career goals and for those who would like to go into full-time production or want to start a journey in film making industry. Below are the few takeaways  from Day 2

  • Identify your talents and stick with it
  • In preparing for your journey into production, you need wisdom, direction, clarity and boldness to start
  • Always try to identify opportunities everywhere you go. On this, Mayowa Olueyba said he was learning from us and identifying opportunities as much as we were from him
  • For product placements on your project, put a value on your marketing offering.

I still can’t believe this event wasn’t a paid one, and it all thanks to Capital Square and Mayowa Oluyeba, the level of the knowledge gained is top notch and I am certain the friendships, networks and connections we all left the Total Film Production Workshop with will be put to great use!



My Six (6) Speaking Engagements Of 2019

The year 2019 started on a high note for me, I really didn’t have any set-out goals for the year, but I knew I actually wanted to speak at events and teach courses at some point in the year. So when the opportunities came, I was very prepared for them.  You can book me for speaking engagements for your events in 2020 here.

Why should I speak at your event in 2020?

I  possess quite a number of skills and I have experience working and delivering projects in tech, non-profit, digital and content marketing, SMS marketing, YouTube management and consulting, content management system (CMS), branding, public relations and communications etc. I have spoken at numerous events and trained hundreds of people and organizations on the use of social media for business, advocacy and social good since 2013

I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer science, a Diploma in Social Media Marketing, a Diploma in Integrated Brand Experience and a Certificate in Strategic Brand Building and over 10 years of experience working in the tech, religious, non-profit and communications sectors.


Below is a list of the events I spoke at in 2019:

1. Social Media Week Lagos (FEBRUARY 2019): The year started on a very high note for me, working and consulting for the European Union Election Observation Mission (EU EOM) February was a tough month but  I had to make out time to prepare notes and speak at the Storytelling Telling Techniques For Amplifying Social Impact masterclass hosted by W-TEC at the Social Media Week Lagos, 2019. I had the opportunity to share the stage with the Executive Director of W-TEC, Oreoluwa Shomolu-Lesi. We talked about content and how visual storytelling can help the work that non-profit organizations do. The class was pretty emotional as the topic evoked emotions from some of the participants. Do watch snippets from the session here: 

2. Orange Academy Content marketing Class (June – December 2019): In August, I was invited to teach a class in at the Orange Academy Content and Copy Department (OCCD). The feedback from my first class in August 2019 was amazing and that led to me taking the session on Starting Your Own Content/Digital  Agency for different sets of the school between August and December 2019  


3. Digify Pro Industry Event (OCTOBER 2019):  In October, just a few weeks before my birthday, I was invited to be on a panel to discuss the trends, work of the future at the Digify Pro’s Cohort’s 5 industry event organized by Facebook’s NG Hub. I had the opportunity to share the stage with industry leaders on my panel and also left the event with quite an array of knowledge. 

4. Kingdom Life Ministries Women Empowerment Program, Ejigbo (OCTOBER 2019): I was a special guest at the Kingdom Life Ministries Women Empowerment Program in Ejigbo, where I talked about businesses women could do with very little or no capital at all. Speaking from Proverbs 31:16 and Exodus 35:15 and also explaining the place of Grace and the God factor. The major highlight from here was speaking to women in their late 30’s up until the 60s


5. WordCamp Nairobi (DECEMBER): In my quest to cover WordCamps across Africa and help tech enthusiast and WordPress professionals tell compelling stories of their work, I started curating experiences at WordCamps and WordPress events in Nigeria in 2018. Thanks to the awesome people at Yoast, I not only had the opportunity to cover the WordCamps outside Nigeria, but I also spoke at the WordCamps in Nairobi and Mombasa on the 7th and 8th of December 2019 respectively.

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6. WordCamp Mombasa (DECEMBER)

I look forward to covering and curate experiences at tech events in 2020 in and outside Nigeria, do get in touch here

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I Know JJ, The real Omojuwa

I really can’t recall how I started following Omojuwa but I know I have watched him closely since 2010 after following him on Twitter. Japheth is many things to many people, but he has been a brother to me.

I have watched him evolve and grow from that young man who writes witty articles on his personal blog, to the twitter influencer, to being an active citizen who holds government accountable to being a businessman, speaker, philanthropist, a thought leader, speaker and most recently, an author among other awesome titles and caps he wears.


I think I can count the number of times I have physically met Omojuwa, but he has been that brother I have come to love and admire from afar and closely too, he is an inspiration. I first met Japh for the first time in 2011 for the first time at Sheraton hotel in Lagos, where he invited me and a few people to have the interview session we had with the then former FCT Minister now Kaduna state governor, Mallam Nasir El-Rufai, we had the pleasure of asking him questions and engaging with him. While I thanked him inviting me to the interview session, he told  “Lamide, I didn’t invite you here because, we are both from Ondo state, nor did I invite you here because you are from Ilaje, I invited you here because you are I see a lot of potentials in you and the passion you have for the country

Just like many of us, Omojuwa is flawed, but I have watched him grow to right his wrongs and continue on his journey to being a better version of himself daily.  He is that friend that helps his other friends move up the ladder to the top while he is trying to find his way to the top. He is one who derives joy in the success of people he considers friends

For the many lives you are touching silently, for all you do for people you know and don’t know, for the opportunities you connect people to, I say thank you.

It’s been a great pleasure knowing you, continue to commit to being that better version of you daily, continue to be unstoppable, keep being deliberate about your craft. Happy birthday, brother, you are an inspiration! I am glad to be associated with you and also be able to ‘famz’ you, I wish you all the very best.

PS: If you still haven’t gotten your copy of Omojuwa Digital Wealth Book, head over to and order your copies, this is the best gift you can give to him on his special day!



Meet Olamide, A Fellow Of The 7th Africa School Of Internet Governance

I am happy to announce that I have been selected as a fellow of the 7th Africa Internet School Of Governance (AfriSIG) holding in Chad from the Wednesday 4th- Monday 9th 2019 in N’Djamena In Chad.

I will be joining 43 other fellows from across the continent to learn about how the internet works, how it is governed and how government policies affect internet citizens. You can check out the fellows’ list here

Having worked on various Digital Rights, Internet Governance, ICT Policy, Digital Inclusion and public policy projects and events over the 4 years I spent at Paradigm Initiative, I am of the belief that conversations around these areas should be communicated in easily understandable ways.

Yes, Policy is boring and not every one of us can be policymakers! How do we then raise active internet/ digital citizens to understand how different internet-related policies affect them? How do we let them know the same rights they have offline is applicable online? How do we explain that the freedom they enjoy online should stop when someone else’s right is violated?

These and many more questions may be thinking of I why I applied to 7th AfriSIG and getting selected out of a large pool of applications is a huge privilege.  I am grateful to Tunde Okunoye, Rosemary Ajayi and Adeboye Adegoke for the feedback and input they had in making my second AfriSIG application worth the while. Yeah, my first application was in 2014.

My heartfelt appreciation goes to my mentors, Titi Akinsanmi and ‘Gbenga Sesan. Thank you for all that you do and most especially for believing in me.

Make sure you stay glued to my YouTube channel as I will be sharing daily updates and chatting with fellows here


#Q12019: Being Hexal Place’ Chief Strategist

Note, this is the third of my 3-part blogposts on what I have been up to between January and April 2019 .This part focuses on my role and work as CEO of Hexal Place. The first part speaks to my YouTube journey while part 2 focused on my personal brand building journey. Do enjoy!

 The company, Hexal Place was registered as full time company in January 2018 and the whole year was a test run, with the help of mentors and sponsors, we figured out the direction to take and also decided to focus on 3 major offerings for the company in 2019 instead of offering so many services just to make ends meet.

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Learning from our 2018 activities, we decided  to just   focus on 3 major offerings – Social Media, Mobile and content marketing.  These were the services that brought in the most revenue in our first year as a full time company. These services are ones we can conveniently offer our clients and deliver the best of results. Between January and April of 2019 we had the pleasure of delivering value to a few clients, I will be sharing updates on activities on our mobile, content and digital marketing services below:
  • Social media services: 2018 was an interesting year for Hexal Place, it was a good time to test the social media space s company. It was a trial for me particularly as having spent 9 years working in different sectors delivering top notch social and digital media strategies and implementing $000,000 worth of digital campaigns, the set time to show ‘our workings’ had come. In 2018, we took up social media management e-commerce, fintech, lifestyle and TV shows among others. For Updates With Ruki, within a space of 6 months,  we grew the brand from absolutely zero online presence to 10,000 engaging Facebook and 10,000 Instagram followers; and 35 000 views and 600 YouTube subscribers within 6 months. Some of the other brands we provided social media services include – Married Moments, MMExcel Electronics, Onebmac etc. 

Between February and April of 2019, we took up social media and YouTube management of the first ever reality TV show centered around hymns, Hymnodia, we provided real-time updates and created engaging content on the show on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, we also handled management of the show’s online TV channel on YouTube. In April 2019, we helped paradigm Initiative amplify the Digital Rights and Inclusion Forum (DRIFF) engaging online media Amplifiers to create awareness and share live updates from the 2-day forum over a 1-week period. Conversations from the forum reached over 4 Million Twitter accounts and 7 million impressions across the world.

Hexal Place content mobile digital olamide social media

  • Mobile marketing –  Our mobile marketing platform, has been in existence since 2012 has been  the major revenue stream from the company with little or no marketing budget mainly from referrers and our return customers, we have had down times beyond our control so many times but we have built a trust bank with  our customers and their continued support has kept us in business. In Q1 of 2019 we decided it was time to expand the mobile marketing bit of the business and  we have been working around the modalities since then. During the second half of the year, we will be implementing some of these plans. Our mobile marketing services include – bulk sms, robo calls, number database management and running mobile campaigns. Some of the brands we have provided mobile marketing services include – Christ Embassy, Paradigm Initiative,  Lagos State Ministry of Communications, Grahams Pharmaceutical etc. Visit
  • Content creation: Last year, we delivered content creation services for brands  33 Export Lager , Updates With Ruki, Hymnodia and the Born In Africa Festival  (BAFEST) produced by Livespot 360. Our long term goal  is to position ourselves as one of the leading content creation/marketing agency in Nigeria over the next 5 years. We are already taking up content creation gigs.

 The first 4 months of 2019 has not been a smooth ride, but the company, Hexal Place is making progress, slow it may seem, but steady. I am thankful for the support from mentors, sponsors, ‘seniors in the industry and friends  who have recommended us for gigs, projects and connected us to opportunities.. Want to do business with us? Please holla at me via olamide[@], we await your patronage.

We look forward to an amazing next half of the year


#Q12019: Personal Branding: Being OlamideYelo

Note:  This is the second of my 3-part blog posts on what I have been up to between January and April 2019. This part captures updates on my personal brand building journey, while the first  focuses on my YouTube channel(CLICK TO READ) and the third on my role as CEO of Hexal Place (CLICK TO READ). Do enjoy!


The year 2019 started on a really high note for me, I had great hopes for what the year would bring and things I planned to do. I started the year working on my personal brand and moving from my well known online descriptor LAMMYNG to OLAMIDEYELO. Apart from being the founder of a year-old company, I thought having a great personal brand alongside building a YouTube channel was a great idea, so I created a personal branding strategy for myself, drafted a project schedule and timeline for execution.



First on the schedule was the redesign on my website ( which I took up all by myself with the help and guidance from Toyin, and then a photo shoot, yeah 🙂 photoshoot to portray the new me. Adeoluwa of Cepit Images did more than JUSTICE to the pictures and Titi of BEEYOUTYFUL  beat my face beyond recognition. I more than love the pictures and they also actually portray the NEW me, i.e OLAMIDEYELO 2.0

Olamide Egbayelo | Olamideyelo



So aside creating an awesome website, I wanted an identity that would represent at least 80% of what I am about, MEDIA + STORYTELLING that will also align with my brand colours and future direction. So my designer friend came up with this awesome logo, what do you think about it?

Olamideyelo personal brand

I know I shared some of my plans in my January post here, but the truth is LIFE has been happening to me and I actually really hope to consolidate on those plans soon. I hope to share more about my work at Hexal Place and other personal consulting gigs I do.


I had the pleasure of co-facilitating the masterclass on storytelling for amplifying impact with the Executive Director of Women’s Technology Empowerment Centre (W.TEC), Oreoluwa Somolu-Lesi at the 2019 Social Media Week, I had the opportunity to share my storytelling techniques, the class was an emotional one and the audience participation was very SUPERB

Olamideyelo SMW YouTube


I had the opportunity to work with the European Union Election Observation Mission, thanks to my former boss, ‘Gbenga Sesan who recommended me and sent details of the opening my way on the 31st of December, 2018.. While everyone was enjoying and celebrating the new year on the 1st of January 2019, I was busy updating my CV and writing catchy cover letters for a role at the European Union EOM. I will be telling you all about my experience in my next blog post SHORTLY, so watch out!

OlamideYelo European Union personal brand


#Q12019: The Never Ending Journey To 1000 YouTube Subscribers

Note, this is the first of my 3-part blog posts on what I have been up to between January and April 2019. This part captures updates on my YouTube channel, the second will focus on my personal brand and the third on my role as CEO of Hexal Place. Do enjoy!

Olamide YouTube Journey
Photo by Vivian Nwobii Photography


When I started my YouTube channel in October 2017 with the GOOGLE MY BUSINESS SET UP  VIDEO, I didn’t know I was inviting myself into the world of targets, milestones and never-ending expectations. I recorded my first 100 videos with my now dead Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and then my Samsung Galaxy S7  and the current champion, the Canon EOS M6 video creator camera.

In December 2018, I asked a few of my friends for feedback on what they think about the content my YouTube channel and things I could do better.  As fun as it looks and sounds, I sometimes, feel I am wasting my time creating not so popular content on the channel, plus running a business full time has also been very hectic.  I also thought it was time to carve a niche for the channel as it grows.

I got very positive and critical feedback and checking from analytical data from my YouTube channel for 2018, I decided to re-strategize my content with more focus on women, travels SMEs and covering events. I knew what my audience wants and it makes absolute sense to give them what they want. I will also be testing other content angles over the next few months.


This has been one of the toughest parts of being a YouTuber, the journey to getting my first 1000 subscribers feels like a never-ending one. As a growing YouTube creator, setting milestones and meeting them is one of the greatest motivation ever. The journey to hitting the FIRST: 100 subscribers, 1000 views, 4,000 watch hours, 1000 views etc haven’t been as difficult as hitting the 10000 subscribers mark. So if you are reading this and you haven’t SUBSCRIBED to my YouTube channel yet, please click and click on the SUBSCRIBE button, it takes less than 5 seconds to subscribe and it is also very FREE. Thank you for helping to reach my first 1000 subscribers milestone!

YouTube Subscribers


Whoops! I almost forgot to talk about my awesome Canon EOS M6 Camera. In a bid to make my content more superb and interactive, I decided to get a creator camera, I named OJUAYE, which simply means THE EYES OF THE WORLD. I look forward to capturing moments and tell compelling stories with it. Big thanks to friends and families who supported me on the OJUAYE project. Gracia!



I didn’t quite kick off my video creation for the year as planned, I got busy working with the European Union Election Observation Mission (more on this in my next blog post) and running Hexal Place but of course still made out time to serve my lovely YouTube fam some exciting content.

Since I added travel to my content list at the beginning of the year, I looked forward to the first travel stories I would be creating on the channel so I planned a visit to major tourist centres in Abeokuta with my cousins and uncle and it was so lit. We visited the Olusegun Obasanjo Presidential Library, Olumo Rock and The Alake of Egba land’s place on a SUNNY Sunday! The experience was lovely. Prior to this visit, I have been to Olumo Rock 3 times and it feels new every time.

You know what they say about ALL WORK AND NO PLAY? For the first time ever, I went on a tour of 3 tourist sites in 2 days with the amazing Ada The Explorer in March. Oh Boy! The experience was super lit. We visited the Erin Ijesha waterfalls. Ikogosi warm springs and the Arinta Waterfalls.

You all should follow and reach out to Ada The Explorer on Instagram for your next vacation/trip. (I will be writing about my visit to each of these places in my next set of blog posts, but if you haven’t watched do check them out.

Videos coming soon on the channel are  ERIN IJESHA WATER FALLS tour, night and day at IKOGOSI warm springs, ARINTA waterfalls, The HISTORY OF OLUMO ROCK and my interview with Nigeria’s grandfather of blogging, Yomi Adegboye aka MR MO

Anticipate my next post tomorrow,  much love and kisses