Note, this is the first of my 3-part blog posts on what I have been up to between January and April 2019. This part captures updates on my YouTube channel, the second will focus on my personal brand and the third on my role as CEO of Hexal Place. Do enjoy!

Olamide YouTube Journey

Photo by Vivian Nwobii Photography


When I started my YouTube channel in October 2017 with the GOOGLE MY BUSINESS SET UP  VIDEO, I didn’t know I was inviting myself into the world of targets, milestones and never-ending expectations. I recorded my first 100 videos with my now dead Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and then my Samsung Galaxy S7  and the current champion, the Canon EOS M6 video creator camera.

In December 2018, I asked a few of my friends for feedback on what they think about the content my YouTube channel and things I could do better.  As fun as it looks and sounds, I sometimes, feel I am wasting my time creating not so popular content on the channel, plus running a business full time has also been very hectic.  I also thought it was time to carve a niche for the channel as it grows.

I got very positive and critical feedback and checking from analytical data from my YouTube channel for 2018, I decided to re-strategize my content with more focus on women, travels SMEs and covering events. I knew what my audience wants and it makes absolute sense to give them what they want. I will also be testing other content angles over the next few months.


This has been one of the toughest parts of being a YouTuber, the journey to getting my first 1000 subscribers feels like a never-ending one. As a growing YouTube creator, setting milestones and meeting them is one of the greatest motivation ever. The journey to hitting the FIRST: 100 subscribers, 1000 views, 4,000 watch hours, 1000 views etc haven’t been as difficult as hitting the 10000 subscribers mark. So if you are reading this and you haven’t SUBSCRIBED to my YouTube channel yet, please click and click on the SUBSCRIBE button, it takes less than 5 seconds to subscribe and it is also very FREE. Thank you for helping to reach my first 1000 subscribers milestone!

YouTube Subscribers


Whoops! I almost forgot to talk about my awesome Canon EOS M6 Camera. In a bid to make my content more superb and interactive, I decided to get a creator camera, I named OJUAYE, which simply means THE EYES OF THE WORLD. I look forward to capturing moments and tell compelling stories with it. Big thanks to friends and families who supported me on the OJUAYE project. Gracia!




I didn’t quite kick off my video creation for the year as planned, I got busy working with the European Union Election Observation Mission (more on this in my next blog post) and running Hexal Place but of course still made out time to serve my lovely YouTube fam some exciting content.

Since I added travel to my content list at the beginning of the year, I looked forward to the first travel stories I would be creating on the channel so I planned a visit to major tourist centres in Abeokuta with my cousins and uncle and it was so lit. We visited the Olusegun Obasanjo Presidential Library, Olumo Rock and The Alake of Egba land’s place on a SUNNY Sunday! The experience was lovely. Prior to this visit, I have been to Olumo Rock 3 times and it feels new every time.

You know what they say about ALL WORK AND NO PLAY? For the first time ever, I went on a tour of 3 tourist sites in 2 days with the amazing Ada The Explorer in March. Oh Boy! The experience was super lit. We visited the Erin Ijesha waterfalls. Ikogosi warm springs and the Arinta Waterfalls.

You all should follow and reach out to Ada The Explorer on Instagram for your next vacation/trip. (I will be writing about my visit to each of these places in my next set of blog posts, but if you haven’t watched do check them out.

Videos coming soon on the channel are  ERIN IJESHA WATER FALLS tour, night and day at IKOGOSI warm springs, ARINTA waterfalls, The HISTORY OF OLUMO ROCK and my interview with Nigeria’s grandfather of blogging, Yomi Adegboye aka MR MO

Anticipate my next post tomorrow,  much love and kisses