The Art of Waiting: Navigating Life’s Wait Periods and Job Search Delays

Woot! It has been a very long minute since I last wrote on my blog and LinkedIn page; life, they say, has been happening.

I have spent the last few months thinking and pondering how WAITING on the next big thing can impact one’s overall well-being. Whether it’s waiting for a new job, a career opportunity, funding, an immigration update or a major life change, the waiting game is always there, and it can feel like it’s taking forever.

While pondering this, I realised that we always have to WAIT at every point in our lives, the wait is either always short or long. I remember being very excited and looking forward to life after post-grad and all the plans I had laid out. And then I had to wait at every point.

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For example, after submitting numerous job applications, I had to wait to know if my application had been successful, to know if my interview went well, and then to know if I had been offered the job, etc. And the wait goes on and on.

In conclusion, I realise that while most of the actions during the WAITING period are out of our control, we can manage our expectations about each phase.  Staying open-minded and focusing on actions within our control can help us manage the WAITING phase well.

What are you currently WAITING on, and what stage of your WAITING period are you currently in? And finally, how do you manage your waiting period?


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