When I began creating content on YouTube in 2019, my goal was to be consistent, reach monetization, and enjoy the perks of being a successful content creator. However, I struggled with consistency despite my best efforts. I have a genuine passion for creating, teaching, and sharing knowledge, but like many creatives, I found it challenging to stay consistent with my content creation, whether it was articles, social media posts, blog posts, visual content, or video ideas and scripts, as well as maintaining personal fitness goals.

Despite my struggles with consistency, being a content creator has opened up many opportunities for me. It has allowed me to travel across Africa to cover various industry events such as tech, advocacy, entertainment, and business, interview industry leaders, and speak at different events.

I have realised that one of the main reasons for struggling with consistency is that we often focus too much on the outcomes and not enough on the processes. While outcomes are important, becoming fixated on them can work against us. Achieving compelling outcomes usually requires hard work and sacrifice over a long period of time. Without the right processes in place, it’s challenging to maintain the effort needed to achieve these outcomes.

One content creator who has inspired me is Daniel Mutuku. I met Daniel in Nairobi and then again at WordCamp in Mombasa in 2020, when we were both trying to establish our paths in content creation. Unlike me, Daniel trusted the process and has consistently created weekly videos since 2020. His channel has experienced remarkable growth, and he can now be considered one of Kenya’s most successful YouTubers in his field. Daniel trusted the process against all odds and didn’t just focus on the outcomes.

As I reflect on my journey, I aim to draw inspiration from Daniel’s approach. I will also continue to trust the process no matter how long it takes because CONSISTENCY ALWAYS  PAY OFF



In conclusion, I’d like to ask: How do you stay consistent?