Ten years ago, I embarked on an incredible journey into the world of marketing and communications, starting as a communications assistant at WildFlower PR as a computer science graduate interested in marketing. It was there that I honed my skills and worked with some of Nigeria’s most prominent musical talents and corporate brands.

The experience was incredible, from managing social media accounts to developing campaign strategies for top entertainment personalities to being among the team that planned Nigeria’s first-ever hangout on the now-defunct Google+ with MI Abaga, amongst other achievements.


My career continued to evolve when I joined Paradigm Initiative in 2013 as a project and social media manager, where I managed a six-figure public health and policy change campaign that reached over two million people, which also contributed to the passage and ascent of Nigeria’s National Tobacco Control Bill into law.  I was also privileged to manage the communication and online implementation for the Rockefeller Foundation’s funded Digital Jobs project in Nigeria at Paradigm Initiative among other incredible accomplishments.

In the years that followed, I wore a variety of hats, from leading marketing and partnerships at Hexal Place, a full-service digital and SMS marketing company, to joining the European Union Monitoring Mission as an Assistant Digital Media Analyst during the 2019 Nigerian Elections, among other notable accomplishments. In 2021, I joined Gebeya Inc., a Pan-African Freelance Talent Marketplace, as the Talent Marketing Manager, where I worked on marketing strategies that contributed to connecting the best of African talents to global clients.

I have been fortunate over the years to consult for, advise, and work with small businesses, PR and media agencies, international non-profits, corporations, personal brands, and government agencies on numerous social media and digital communications projects and campaigns.

My journey continued to evolve as I pursued a Master’s in Strategic and Digital Marketing at the University of South Wales in Cardiff, United Kingdom between September 2022 and October 2023

As I approach the beginning of the next chapter in my career, I am thrilled to announce the RELAUNCH of my portfolio and personal website, olamideyelo.com. This platform will serve as a central hub for sharing my marketing-related insights, tips, trends, videos, and lessons, beginning with my key learnings and experiences from my postgraduate studies in Strategic and Digital Marketing over the next few weeks.

I invite you to join me on this exciting journey and explore the website to connect, learn, and grow together. Your support and engagement mean the world to me, and I look forward to building a community of like-minded individuals passionate about digital marketing and personal growth.

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