Note, this is the third of my 3-part blogposts on what I have been up to between January and April 2019 .This part focuses on my role and work as CEO of Hexal Place. The first part speaks to my YouTube journey while part 2 focused on my personal brand building journey. Do enjoy!

 The company, Hexal Place was registered as full time company in January 2018 and the whole year was a test run, with the help of mentors and sponsors, we figured out the direction to take and also decided to focus on 3 major offerings for the company in 2019 instead of offering so many services just to make ends meet.

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Learning from our 2018 activities, we decided  to just   focus on 3 major offerings – Social Media, Mobile and content marketing.  These were the services that brought in the most revenue in our first year as a full time company. These services are ones we can conveniently offer our clients and deliver the best of results. Between January and April of 2019 we had the pleasure of delivering value to a few clients, I will be sharing updates on activities on our mobile, content and digital marketing services below:
  • Social media services: 2018 was an interesting year for Hexal Place, it was a good time to test the social media space s company. It was a trial for me particularly as having spent 9 years working in different sectors delivering top notch social and digital media strategies and implementing $000,000 worth of digital campaigns, the set time to show ‘our workings’ had come. In 2018, we took up social media management e-commerce, fintech, lifestyle and TV shows among others. For Updates With Ruki, within a space of 6 months,  we grew the brand from absolutely zero online presence to 10,000 engaging Facebook and 10,000 Instagram followers; and 35 000 views and 600 YouTube subscribers within 6 months. Some of the other brands we provided social media services include – Married Moments, MMExcel Electronics, Onebmac etc. 

Between February and April of 2019, we took up social media and YouTube management of the first ever reality TV show centered around hymns, Hymnodia, we provided real-time updates and created engaging content on the show on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, we also handled management of the show’s online TV channel on YouTube. In April 2019, we helped paradigm Initiative amplify the Digital Rights and Inclusion Forum (DRIFF) engaging online media Amplifiers to create awareness and share live updates from the 2-day forum over a 1-week period. Conversations from the forum reached over 4 Million Twitter accounts and 7 million impressions across the world.

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  • Mobile marketing –  Our mobile marketing platform, has been in existence since 2012 has been  the major revenue stream from the company with little or no marketing budget mainly from referrers and our return customers, we have had down times beyond our control so many times but we have built a trust bank with  our customers and their continued support has kept us in business. In Q1 of 2019 we decided it was time to expand the mobile marketing bit of the business and  we have been working around the modalities since then. During the second half of the year, we will be implementing some of these plans. Our mobile marketing services include – bulk sms, robo calls, number database management and running mobile campaigns. Some of the brands we have provided mobile marketing services include – Christ Embassy, Paradigm Initiative,  Lagos State Ministry of Communications, Grahams Pharmaceutical etc. Visit
  • Content creation: Last year, we delivered content creation services for brands  33 Export Lager , Updates With Ruki, Hymnodia and the Born In Africa Festival  (BAFEST) produced by Livespot 360. Our long term goal  is to position ourselves as one of the leading content creation/marketing agency in Nigeria over the next 5 years. We are already taking up content creation gigs.

 The first 4 months of 2019 has not been a smooth ride, but the company, Hexal Place is making progress, slow it may seem, but steady. I am thankful for the support from mentors, sponsors, ‘seniors in the industry and friends  who have recommended us for gigs, projects and connected us to opportunities.. Want to do business with us? Please holla at me via olamide[@], we await your patronage.

We look forward to an amazing next half of the year