Growing into Maturity – My Thoughts

It’s been a really long time here, so much happened in the last few months and I had to make some structural adjustment in myself. Not only did I support the change movement in Nigeria, I embarked on a personal change mission in my life.

The last one year has thought me that growing into maturity has to be one of the toughest things to achieve in life, growing old is constant but growing into maturity is a conscious and deliberate effort.

Growing into maturity involves having a sense of ‘RESPONSE-ABILITY’ (responsibility), one is conscious of one’s actions, you tend to have staying power. You think about the consequences of your auctions ahead before even taking a step. You exercise staying power and restraint as and when due.

Photo credit: Thepreachersword

Photo credit: Thepreachersword

Made quite a lot of drastic and unpopular decisions in the last one year that I never thought would be achievable, stretched myself to the highest elastic limit, I dared myself.

This year, I had the courage to take a bold step, the decision to always operate out of my comfort zone was one of the beat decisions I made. I learnt to lay aside unnecessary and heavy weight.

I allowed God be my guide and the Holy Spirit greatest advisor.

Excited about the next phase!