WordCamp Lagos – So the first ever globally recognized WordPress conference held in Lagos Nigeria on Saturday 10th March 2018 and experts, developers, content managers, WordPress enthusiasts, social media managers and influencers and a whole lot of tech enthusiasts were in attendance.

I made a video on 5 reasons why you should attend the conference on my vlog (see video below):

At the conference, I also had the opportunity to conduct interviews, speak with some of the facilitators and record some of the sessions I attended. Do see highlights below:

I met 12-year-old Nigerian developer. Obaloluwa Odelana, who started coding from the age of 11, he is also the Founder of King O’ Designs (www.kingodesigns.coms)

I had the pleasure of chatting with the Keynote speaker of the Lagos WordCamp Conference, Mr Ade Olufeko on why young people should take technology seriously and learn new skills

The kids weren’t also left out of the coding spree, they had one or two things to do

I attended the session with Nabeel Molham from Eygpt where the talked about “My Life as a WordPress Freelancer: The Good, The Bad and the Unexpected”

I stayed briefly at the WordPress and Internet Of Things session with Godwin Ojebiyi

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Ronke Omodiran also had a session on “Avoiding legal potholes as a freelancer in Nigeria” – This had to be my favourite session at the conference

Labi Francis also walked us through his journey with WordPress and Personal Branding

Overall, it was a great event, I met up with geeks, made new friends, of course, there was lunch too.
The conference was organized by the Lagos WordPress Community and a special shout out to the super WOMAN, Mary Job for leading from the front.

The Lagos WordCamp Conference was lit overall