How the journey started from  Olamide Egbayelo to Lammyng and now  OlamideYelo

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When I was in secondary school my Agricultural science teacher (Mr Adio) used to ‘bastardize’ my surname and call me Egbabrown, EgbaBlue, Egbayellow, my surname is originally spelt EGBAYELO, I didn’t use to find it funny at all and trust the ‘troublemakers’ in class to help me amplify it. I would cry so hard and I remember going to report to the school Principal countless number of times :):)

Sometimes in November 2017, I was facilitating a training on digital communications and my powerpoint presentation slides was yellow (I didn’t read any meaning to this at all). When it was time for me to answer questions from participants, the first question I got was weird and funny,  One of the participants (can’t remember her name now). asked

“Did you use YELLOW as your background colour because your surname is EGBAYELO”?

That struck a chord in me and brought back some memories, prior to this time,  I had been racking my brain for about 6 months trying to get a unique and catchy name for my personal brand because OLAMIDE EGBAYELO is a very long name to memorize and I really wanted to prove to myself that I didn’t waste money sending myself to a brand school but ideas weren’t forthcoming

I adopted  Lammyng as a brand name back in 2000, thanks to my uncle who created my first ever email address (Lammyng {at}yahoo {.} com) and I like to be called that (my social media and other handles are proof of this. But Lammyng didn’t quite fit into the new brand and Identity  I wanted for myself,  I wanted something unique, new, and fresh.

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So while editing a video for upload on my Youtube Channel in the very early hours of Thursday 4th January 2018, I remembered the question and answer session of the training I facilitated in November 2017 and BOOM! OLAMIDEYELO was conceived as my new brand name!

There and there, I quickly locked down the domain name and created social media accounts too before announcing on my WhatsApp status. Yellow automatically got added to the list of my favourite colours and now we are here.

OlamideYelo Olamide Egbayelo Lammyng

So why exactly am I writing this story? Simple! I am writing this to

  1. Officially announce to you that you can now officially call me OLAMIDEYELO
  2. To let you know that my new website has been designed to fit into my new brand (
  3. Ask you to connect with me on my new social media accounts – Please click to connect (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and maybe LinkedIn
  4. I will be sharing insights on digital media and technology trends across these platforms and I’d love to connect with you all.

Yours Digitally,

Olamide Egbayelo (OlamideYelo)