ONE LIFE LIVE IT-   Sitting on the bus on my way to a meeting, these thoughts came in and I decided to put them together and share.

There is this thing about people trying to box you into someone/something you are not and wanting you to create a perception of what you are not.
Sometimes, it’s funny the kind of questions I get asked because of my looks, my work ethics because I use glasses, my height, my weight or my faith.

Question: Olamide can you cook?
Me: Yes, I can
Response: It is a lie; you do not look like someone that can cook
Me: Ok, it is your opinion and its fine

Question: Olamide, do you take this drink?
Me: Yes I do
Response: Ha! You do not look like someone that takes this drink o,
Me: Sighs…..

Olamide One Life Live It

I remember during my a party we organized at the end of my brand school session and I was digging it in on the dance floor while munching on asun, suya and my chilled cans of drink, a lot my classmates were surprised and I was getting a lot of reactions like Lammy, I didn’t know you can dance like this, I didn’t know you take this type of drink etc.

I was not surprised because I was one of the best students in class, usually one of the first to get to class; I was always answering questions, one of the first to attempt assignments. I was a very serious student. Therefore, it is usually easy to create these perceptions.

Many times, we try to shape our lives to fit into who people think we are or should be on and off social media, but guess what? No one really gives a fuck about you. Not too long ago, I made up my mind to stop being that person. I decided to take my own life into my own hands, look good in my own way, chop life in own way, try new things, explore,  whether I fail or succeed at it or fail and basically enjoy life.

I wonder why people think workaholics (I stopped being a workaholic since last year ?) and committed ‘churchgoers’ shouldn’t enjoy life, party, hangout, share drinks with friends and merry.

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See, just like YOU I am not perfect, I can be silly, I can make mistakes, I can be disappointing, I can perform below expectation, I can fuck up,  I can decide to just be that ‘little’ me without YOU mind. When you see me at these points, indulge me, please.

Lastly, don’t judge people or create perceptions of them by how they look, how they work or whatever it is (in Ceec’s voice), if you can, what you might just be 1% of who they really are.

We all have one life to live, live it and enjoy it. E je kin Jaiye Ori mi, mi o mo eyin ola o

Yours in life chopping,