I first heard of Gbénga Sesan when I was in 300 level in 2007, we went for a fellowship meeting and I met one of our brethren (Ayokunnu Ojeniyi) from FUTA who spoke highly of the ‘Whizkid’ and all the cool stuff he was doing with ICT. I was very interested in his story so when I got back to school the next day, I went to the cyber Cafe to buy browsing airtime to find out more about him and I began to follow him passively on social media

Gbenga sesan

Fast forward to April 2013 when I was jejely scrolling down my twitter timeline and I saw a tweet about an opening for a social media and project manager from his Twitter handle. I was sceptical at first, should I apply? I don’t know anyone who knows this guy so I’m very unlikely to get the job, will a man of Gbénga Sesan’s calibre hire a girl who doesn’t just have a third class but also studied at one of the least known universities in Nigeria? I was thinking about all the negatives.

Anyway, I applied for the job a day before the application was to close and I made a conscious effort to forget about it.

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I was surprised when I got an invitation for an interview in Paradigm’s Initiative’s office in Ajegunle, the rest they say is history. There and there the first perception I had of the Gbenga Sesan changed.

I resumed in June 2013 for one of the toughest projects I would ever work on. I was expecting brief and plenty talks and handover notes, Guess what? I had to work on my first ever task by learning on the job, That particular task has remained with me ever since. I can work on it off heart

Gbenga Sesan is the kind of boss that lets you discover yourself and own your projects. Thank you for giving me opportunity to rediscover myself and letting me have many firsts..


My first ever trip on a plane, my first ever trip to over 12 Nigerian states, my first visit outside Nigeria and Africa. My first TV appearance, my first speaking engagement and many firsts I can’t remember now

Working with you for 4 years was one of my best career decisions yet. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to explore and build.

Thank you for believing in and supporting me. I celebrate you today and finally thank you for sending gígs and clients my way.