BLOGPOSTS TO VIDEO – Are you a blogger or content creator?  Or are you just simply looking to add more video to your content mix without spending hours producing video content with expensive equipment when you have existing content? In this video, I will teach you how you can repurpose your existing blog posts into videos with Lumen5 in just a few minutes.

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Without further ado, let’s dig in

Lumen5 is a partially automated and intuitive tool that allows you to turn blog posts and other content into animated informative videos. You can then share those videos directly to your website and social media channels.

The very first thing to do to convert your  posts  to videos is to Sign up on Lumen 5 for FREE- Check out link in the description box (

You can convert your posts or texts to videos  in 3 different ways

  1. By sharing a link to your blogpost
  2.  copy and paste text you want to convert or
  3.  starting from scratch on Lumen 5 – this requires typing your content manually

Once you decide your approach and have your content In, it is now time to edit your video. Lumen5 automatically provides a foundation to create your video on. All you need to do is arrange your storyboard and edit.

We recommend no more than 120 characters per box so that the text fits perfectly into the slide/scene of your video. Click within the box to edit the text and reduce characters if needed.

Lumen5 helps to calculate the length of the slide, the positioning of the text, and which words to highlight in the video slide, automatically. These can be overridden by you of course.

Once done, select pictures, videos, and music, you’d like to have on your video.

Brand your videos with your preferred colours and logo in the final slide called the outro or leave the default ‘Share this video’ text.

The last step is to Publish your video You can preview your video during the editing process to ensure that everything looks as it should. Once you’re happy with it, click ‘Finish’ and Lumen5 will render a final version in 10 minutes or less. You will receive an email notification informing you of your download or you can also check it out in your dashboard

BLOG Blogpost to video

Wowza! Your video is ready for use, download and share.  Note that if you don’t want the branded Lumen5 watermark, you will need to pay for a pro version

It is that simple – check out the video I just made here – (link is also in the description box).

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Once you do either of the 3 steps above – choose the format you’d like your video to be on e.g YouTube, Facebook, Instagram story, Instagram post etc.