These 10 Tips Will Help You Get Started With Making Money From Social Media Marketing 

Social media marketing is simply the use of major social media networks to build a specific brand, connect with millions of users, boost sales or customer base, and drive traffic. 

Sure, you’ve heard of social media marketers making it big, and you wonder if you can join the train. It’s not as hard as it sounds; it takes dedication and commitment.

For this reason,

Here are some useful tips on how to secure the bag via social media marketing. 

1. Effective Planning and Strategy

Before you begin a social media marketing campaign, you must set realistic goals. Social media marketing has gone beyond likes and retweets. Strategize on other metrics like generated leads, and conversion rates. Create a calendar; see what your competitors are sharing and evaluate your marketing strategies when they fall short.

2. Choose the Right Platforms

Not all social media platforms will work well for your goals. Facebook is arguably the most appealing for marketers. It’s the world’s most popular network and houses over 2 billion users. If your campaign is big on visuals, why not try Instagram? Other platforms include Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest.

3. Identify your Target Audience

Your marketing campaign is only successful when your content gets to the right people. Determine the gender, age range, locale, income, and other details that’ll keep you on top of your game. Build audience personas. Focus groups and customer surveys can do the trick!

4. Hit the Ground Running! Start Marketing

At this point, you should start marketing products via social media. It goes beyond posting regularly. Follow the 80/20 Rule — 80 per cent of your social media marketing result rests on 20 per cent of your content. So, the percentage of advertising content should be 20% per cent of the material.

5. Never Ignore Visual Content

Marketing has gone beyond long articles explaining a brand or product. Pictures, videos, and graphics are catchy means of attracting users. Churn out visuals as often as you can. One study says that users can remember 65% of the visual content that they see almost three days later. 

6. Try Out Affiliate Programs

This is one of the proven ways to earn money via social media marketing. What are affiliate programs? Let’s take YouTube, for instance. Those links that are embedded in the description section are affiliate links. You can influence sales for companies by posting a link of their e-commerce platform on your social media and website. It’s free to promote, and you earn a great deal for each sale you drive. 

7. Sell Social Media Marketing Resources

You can also earn big bucks from selling e-learning resources. Ebooks, online courses, coaching, or mentoring can come in handy.  People are willing to learn from those with a successful track record and experience. Compile a book on a useful marketing strategy. An affordable online course may help you hit your first millions!

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8. Save Time, Use the Right Tools

One of the most effective social media marketing tools you can find is Hootsuite. This tool and others would bolster your productivity. For instance, Hootsuite can integrate all your social platforms into one, and in a single dashboard, you can interact with your customers and followers.

9. Social Media Influencer Marketing

We cannot overemphasize the relevance of influencing.  In simple terms, an influencer is an individual who can help brands reach their target audience, maintain trust, and bolster engagement. There are tons of influencers out there. If you want to stand out and make money from this, ensure that you create engaging and original content. Once you master these, you’ll be a household name, and brands would confidently spend thousands on your ability to sell their products.

10. Create Useful Content

As a marketer, your content should be informative, educational, motivational, and entertaining. Share tips on health and wellness, give your followers the latest fashion trends and tell them about what’s the new thing in fitness. 

Bottom line:

Although these tips may seem herculean at first glance, if you follow them accurately you stand every chance to score your first millions from social media marketing.